Saturday, December 1, 2007


Lip liner is not essential but if used, it should be applied first. It should either be neutral in color or match the shade of your lipstick and not darker than your lipstick, so that if the lipstick fades, you don't walk around with only the outline showing. Lip liner is used to define the look of your lips and normally, you start lining them on your natural lip line starting from the center of your upper lip to the outer edge. For sharpening the lip pencil, chill it in the refrigerator for a few minutes first. To make the lipstick stay longer, use foundation on the lips first, then apply lipstick, blot the extra color with a tissue, reapply the lipstick and then dust the lips with powder. Since foundation and powder make lips drier, use lipstick with a creamy formula to counter the effect.For applying the color, stretch the lips and starting at the center of the lip and glide the color to the corners. Lip brushes help you to give better finish to coloring your lips and avoid the application of excess color. A quick way of applying lip color is to use the lipstick to stain the bottom lip, press them together to transfer some of the color to the upper lip and then use the angle tip of the sponge applicator to refine lip edges. For more natural looks, you can try tips given below:
The beautiful raspberry stain can be obtained by applying the berry color on the lips, blotting it with the tissue and then use brush to apply a second coat of the lipstick.
The nude bare lip looks can be obtained by using neutral pink lip color that matches your skin tone. Pale colored women can go for light orange color with a pinkish tint while olive skin can use brownish bronze shade. Avoid lip liners as you don't need the harsh lines. Add clear gloss to the center of your lip and you are ready.
There are lipsticks that add warmth and volume to your lips and are also have a flavor and perfume of their own. So buy the favorite fruity, candy or other flavors of your spouse for your honeymoon!
Older women should use creamier lipsticks.
Orange and brown shades make your teeth appear yellow so until you have that picture-perfect smile, keep them off your lips.
In summers, you may have those dreaded dry cracked lips. Simply use your toothbrush to get rid of the dead skin gently and apply lip balm generously on them to heal them soon.
Brown toned lips take on brown shades such as apricots, beiges, peaches and cappuccinos better than pink or blue toned lipsticks.

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