Saturday, December 1, 2007


Our hands have very few oil glands and therefore we must take special care of our hands. Our hands come in contact with chemicals, detergents, and garden dirt etc. that further damages the skin on the hands. Your hands must be well cared for. You should exfoliate your hands and moisturize them regularly. Given below are a few hand care recipes that you can make at home to take special care of your hands.
Hand Sugar Exfoliant: Mix two tablespoons of oil (vegetable, olive, baby or safflower) with three tablespoons of sugar, it is better if you use the coarse variety. Make a paste and gently rub them on to your hands. Wash off with warm water and dry thoroughly.
To soften coarse and dry hands use this mixture. Mix one tablespoon of lemon juice with a teaspoon of sugar and a little water. Apply this mixture on hand and wash off in about a minute.
Nourishing Hand Cream: Mix 1/3 cup of glycerin and 2/3 cups of rose water. Combine the two by putting them in a bottle and shaking it well. Massage into your hands as often as possible. Store in cool dry place. Glycerin is a humectant that is it attracts moisture to your skin. Therefore it is important to use it to rehydrate your skin.
Recipe Cuticle Softener: Warm a teaspoon of Olive Oil and after your bath push your cuticles back and massage this oil into them. Use the tips of the fingers to massage the oil. Use these simple home recipes for your hand and you will notice the difference in a few weeks. These products do not have preservatives so their shelf life is about a week.

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