Saturday, December 1, 2007


Lips and eyes are the most important focal points of your face so one must pay special attention to these areas while doing makeup. Here are some additional tips for your lips that you can use:
Lipstick staining your teeth makes you look extremely shabby. To avoid this, pucker your lips in an extreme 'O' and then apply the lipstick.
Even if your lipstick smudges to the insides of your lips, wrap your finger with a tissue and put it into your mouth, and twist it slowly to eliminate any extra color.
You can also highlight your lips by using a light film of eye shadow color coordinated with your lip color in the center of the upper and lower lips.
If one of your lips is larger than the other, balance the look by using the lighter shade of the lipstick on the smaller-sized lip.
Don't let your lipstick pass on to the utensils while dining by using your tongue and lower teeth and avoiding them to come in contact with your lips.
To smoothen the lips a little before applying lip color, rub them a little with washcloth gently.
Apply foundation on and around lips and then define the look of your lips using the lip liner.
If you lips are naturally full and large, don't use the lip liner though you can soften the edge using a Q-tip and avoid glossy and shiny lip color.
If you have thin lips, use light shades to make them appear fuller. Define the lip using the neutral lip pencil from slightly beyond your natural lip line and then apply lipstick covering up lip defining line. Another trick is to apply white shadow on center of both lips over lipstick very lightly and spread it gently.
If your upper lip is too thin or does not have a good shape, outline it with the lip liner similar to your lipstick and in the center portion, draw a second line giving it the precise shape using a brown pencil. Apply color including the brown line. This will make your lips look fuller. To hide lip lines, apply lipstick vertically.

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