Saturday, December 1, 2007


No matter how old you are you would like to look young and smart. There are a number of beauty tricks that can take the years off you. These beauty tips will make you look young and you will start feeling young too. Read the simple tips given below for a younger and smarter look:
Wear your hair below your chin. Side-swept bangs and hair just below the chin will make you look younger.
The shade of lipstick you use can add or take off years. Do not use lipsticks in shades of brown.
After you are thirty do not over pluck your eyebrows, as they may not grow back as quickly as they did earlier.
Get your teeth whitened. Get the stains of coffee, tea or red wine removed and you will look much younger.
Stand straight and erect. Stand straight and erect. This will make you look a lot thinner and look younger too. This will also increase your confidence as well. Get a good night's sleep. If you do not sleep well your eyes will look puffy and your skin will look shallow and dull and your face will sag.

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